Informaiton relavent to your child’s learning journey

Recognising the pivotal role parents play in their children’s education, Olivewood Primary School is dedicated to fostering a strong partnership between educators and families. We strive to support parents in various ways, ensuring their active involvement in their child’s learning journey:

1. Insightful Learning Journals:

  • We compile learning journals in school, providing parents with a valuable tool to understand and appreciate their children’s educational growth. These journals offer a glimpse into the exciting discoveries and achievements within the classroom.

2. Transparent Communication:

  • Our commitment to transparency extends to keeping parents well-informed. Through our newsletters, we share upcoming learning topics, school events, and programs, fostering a collaborative environment where parents are integral to their child’s educational experience.

3. Inclusive Participation Opportunities:

  • We value the unique contributions parents can make. Opportunities abound for parents to actively engage in various school events and support extra-curricular programs. Your involvement is not only welcomed but celebrated.

4. Immediate Concern Resolution:

  • The well-being, progress, and behavior of your child are paramount. In the event of any concerns, we maintain open lines of communication and promptly reach out to parents. Similarly, we encourage parents to share any problems or anxieties affecting their child at the earliest stage.

Pupil Assessment & Records:

  • At Olivewood Primary School, we employ a comprehensive assessment approach, blending formative and summative strategies. Teachers leverage their professional judgment to track your child’s progress in key curricular areas, focusing on Language and Numeracy. This holistic assessment ensures a nuanced understanding of each child’s academic journey.