A unique learning environment delivering a rich bilingual experience

Our commitment to excellence is embodied in our carefully crafted curriculum, designed to foster the holistic development and wellbeing of our students. Guided by the Scottish national curriculum, the Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), our bilingual programme delivers an enriching broad and balanced expereince.

Key Curriculum Aims:

  1. Language Arts Mastery:
    Delivering language arts education for both English and Arabic tailored to the age and stage of each student’s development.
  1. Progressive Language Immersion:
    Implementing a higher immersion approach in Arabic, where it serves as the primary medium of teaching in P1, gradually reducing to 25% by P7. This progression ensures a gradual and effective language immersion experience.
  1. Thematic Learning:
    Structuring our curriculum around various topics and themes, some taught in English and others in Arabic, offering a dynamic and engaging learning experience throughout the academic year.
  1. Inclusive Language Support:
    Recognising the diverse language backgrounds of our students, we are committed to providing appropriate support to ensure an inclusive and enriching learning environment.
  1. Language Consistency with MSA:
    Teaching both English and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), a language widely used in educational, business, and official settings across the MENA region. This consistency ensures a seamless language experience throughout a student’s primary education at Olivewood.
  1. CfE-Guided Curriculum Planning:
    Aligning our curriculum planning and implementation with the principles of the CfE, focusing on key areas such as Languages (English and Arabic), Mathematics, Sciences, Health and Wellbeing, Social Studies, RME, Technologies, and Expressive Arts.

Olivewood Primary School’s curriculum is more than a set of subjects—it’s a comprehensive journey that empowers students to excel academically, appreciate cultural diversity, and develop into well-rounded individuals.

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